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The Quest: The network has started

It didn’t start with a bangsome flash in the pan, make a lot of noise, get ’em all riled up event. It did start with prayer and a meeting in one of those classic back rooms somewhere. Not where a group of “powers that be” decided something. But where some young men and some more “mature” met to discuss the best ways to integrate young men into involvement and leadership with the GARBC. That was hardly over a year ago.

The discussion centered around including young leaders, mentoring, and not being satisfied with the status quo. The desire was to help young leaders appreciate their heritage yet give them a platform to build on. Ideas were tossed around, thrown out, and rehashed. Most of the young men involved had fathers in the GARBC. And yet the desire was not to build names or reputations or kingdoms. The desire was to build a network of young leaders who would bring additional passion and life to the mission we are onspreading the gospel and defending its truth.

Where does something like that go next? Some events happened at the National Conference in 2008. Discussions continued. And then the Council of 18 invited young leaders from all over the country to participate in its regular meeting in November. The energetic discussion revolved around church planting, rejuvenation, and strategies for continuing to involve young men and women in spreading the gospel. It was clear that a network was needed. Scott Greening was especially passionate about the need. He is setting an example by seeking to start a new church plant in Chicago. Mark Vance was passionate about making the gospel central in all we do. What was exciting (to the young guys) was the way the Council both encouraged and built on the discussion taking place.

Out of that meeting came more discussion and more people involved in growing this network of young Baptist leaders. John Greening held a webinar to further discuss it, and the network grew. Now we want to include you in the network. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. 🙂

This blog is a key way we’re striving to involve you, excite you, and challenge you to be involved in building on our great heritage and making an impact in this generation for the glory of God. This blog is not all that is going on. Other ways of networking are taking place. Other ways of impacting young leaders and our society are being worked on. This is just a place for us to rejoice in our heritage, challenge our thinking, delight in our privilege of serving God and people, and grow together.

The network has started. We’re on a quest to build on the great heritage we’ve been given in God-glorifying, gospel-spreading, and sin-mortifying ways. You can be involved. We want you to be! You can be involved by writing, commenting, helping with technical stuff. The potential is pretty unlimited. We have several guys heading this up. Each one will give out their e-mail address or some other way of getting in touch with them. So you can be involved. This blog isn’t really about us. It’s about all of us. The network has started.

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