You are invited to be part of a mentoring group. Join with your peers and continue to learn!

A good leader constantly desires to improve in all he does. Instead of seeing himself as arriving at a state of proficiency, he continually pursues learning and growing. Jim Vogel and John Greening are readying for their next online session of pastoral mentoring. This interactive small group will seek to improve ministry skills by considering topics such as dealing with problem people, leading theologically substantive worship, organizing for effective ministry, promoting spiritual growth in the church, functioning with a best practices mindset, keeping the joy of service over the long haul, and many more areas relevant to ministry. The group meets for seventy-five minutes each week for eight weeks. If you have a computer with internet access, you can participate! By adding a headset, it will be easy for you to converse.

There is no cost to you to join the group. The next mentoring group will begin the last week of February. If you are interested, please let us know immediately. Space is limited. We would like to include you!

Email John Greening and take advantage of this mentoring opportunity!