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Improving Your Ministry Skills

Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, suggests the following resources for your ministry toolbox:

Mike Hess
National Representative

  • The Pastor and Pornography
    This interview with Pastor Garrett Kell focuses on an important subject that continues to plague pastoral ministry. This audio discussion, hosted by Pastors’ Talk, communicates heartfelt honesty and gospel-saturated hope.
  • Food Pharisees?” by Dr. Kevin Bauder
    In light of Thanksgiving, Kevin Bauder sheds light on how to properly interpret the issue of gluttony in Scripture. This is a valuable read that highlights faithful Bible interpretation.
  • A Hermeneutical Evaluation of the Christocentric Hermeneutic” by Abner Chao
    One of the most popular ideas trending among influential writers in the evangelical world is that we need to find Jesus in every text, an idea known as the Christ-centered hermeneutic. Abner Chao of The Master’s Seminary provides a helpful and necessary critique of this trend.

If you are a pastor and your church provides you with a housing allowance, you have been able to exclude some or all of that amount from your income when you file your federal income tax returns. A recent court decision, however, has declared the allowance unconstitutional. Although this decision is being appealed, the church as a body and you as a pastor should consider what to do if you lose your housing allowance. Read GARBC Treasurer Mark Johnson’s update on this important issue.


The Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches held its annual conference on the theme “Hope in Harsh Times.” GARBC National Representative Mike Hess developed the conference theme through expository messages from 1 Peter. The messages dealt with three practical topics: “How to Respond to Suffering like Jesus Did” (1 Peter 2), “How to Prepare Yourself to Suffer Well” (1 Peter 3), and “Truths to Consider When Suffering for Doing Right” (1 Peter 4). Audio is available at


‘DNA OF A DISCIPLE-MAKER’ AUDIO2018 WARBC Fall Conference - Session 2
The Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches has made available audio messages from its fall conference. Three sessions on “The DNA of a Disciple-Maker” and a Q and A with National Representative Mike Hess are available for your listening at