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Improving Your Ministry Skills

Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, suggests the following resources for your ministry toolbox:

  • Good marriages don’t come easy. It’s important that couples understand how to develop oneness in their marriage. John and Daria Greening show how they’ve used the Word of God to pursue, progress, and possess oneness in their marriage. Read their article “Complement of Love,” appearing in the January/February issue of the Baptist Bulletin.
  • The Baptist Bulletin ably articulates our doctrinal base as Regular Baptists and offers Bible-based worldviews on current issues affecting the church. David Gunn, managing editor of the Baptist Bulletin, penned the well-written article “Why I Am a Cessationist.” I encourage you to read a preview. The entire article is available to subscribers of the Baptist Bulletin. If you do not already subscribe, you may do so at a reasonable rate.
  • Andy Johnson from the 9Marks organization has written a helpful article on how to be an encourager and cheerleader for other churches in your area.”Pray for Revival—In the Other Guy’s Church” is an important read on avoiding the pitfall of competition and jealousy.

The Baptist Bulletin podcast is now debuting! Join hosts Mike Hess (GARBC national representative) and David Gunn (Regular Baptist Press director) for discussions on theology, ministry, and discipleship. In this inaugural episode, Mike and David discuss what it means to be a Regular Baptist and give a quick overview of the history and purpose of the GARBC and its network of ministries. Episodes will be available via iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Announcements of future episodes will be posted at


GARBC Conference attendees from past years can affirm that our association has been blessed by the preaching and teaching of God’s Word during conference sessions. Check out the fine lineup of speakers for this year’s conference, and pray for them as they prepare to minister to us June 25–28.


Don’t miss the informative and thought-provoking January/February issue of the Baptist Bulletin!


  • Should We Abandon Biblical Manhood and Womanhood in a #MeToo Culture? (by Thomas and Joy White)
  • Complement of Love (by John and Daria Greening)
  • Women and the Great Commission (by Kristi Walker)
  • A Woman, Her Ambition, and God’s Hand (by Diane Scallon)
  • The Growing Crisis of Pastoral Shortages (by Mike Hess)
  • Sunday School: The Front Line of Discipleship (by Don Anderson)

Bb+ digital
All the content of the print magazine, plus the following articles:

  • The Return of the Master, Part 2 (by Jacob Elwart)
  • What Can We Learn from Willow Creek? (by Mike Hess)
  • Three Prayers for Sunday Morning (by Nick Harsh)
  • Miracles: Then and Now, Part 1 (by Rolland McCune)
  • Teachers: Connecting Truth to Life—Writing and Using Case Studies (by Alex Bauman)
  • Counseling: The Value of Understanding Perception (by Rob Green)
  • Adam Was Formed First, then Eve: The Implications of Order (by Mark McGinniss)

Doctrinally sound and ministry relevant articles abound in the Baptist Bulletin! Subscribe by visiting, or contact Lynne Goemaat, 847.843.1600, to learn about money-saving subscription plans.