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Improving Your Ministry Skills

Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, suggests the following resources for your ministry toolbox.

  • Blog post: “8 Ways Expository Preaching Changed Our Church” by Anthony G. Wood. The author emphasizes the importance of expository preaching as it brings the full text to the hearer and allows the hearer to know the Bible.
  • Commentary: “Potential Dangers of the Celebrity Pastor Syndrome” by David Gunn. The voice of culture today is the celebrity. Fame and stardom need not be restricted to Tinseltown—ultrafamous megachurch pastors are preaching, writing, and tweeting at a venue near you.
  • Conference: Gain a new “Perspective” by focusing on this theme at the 2020 GARBC Conference. Let the Word of God refresh your outlook on your role as pastor or ministry leader! Plan now to attend the 2020 Conference, Monday, June 29–Thursday, July 2 in California. You might wish to extend your time before or after the conference for a West Coast vacation. Scholarships are available to pastors who need financial assistance to attend the conference. Look for more conference details at in January.
  • Magazine: The Baptist Bulletin is a tremendous discipleship tool that will benefit your whole church. Consider purchasing a church-wide subscription in 2020. This is a financially feasible way to get good discipleship materials into the homes of your church members.

Build on your understanding of Biblical prophecy with the latest issue of the Baptist Bulletin. This issue’s theme receives short shrift these days, and that’s a shame. It’s true that some eschatology enthusiasts have overemphasized Bible prophecy, and many have taught the prophetic Scriptures with an irresponsible hermeneutical approach. But it is just as problematic to ignore the Bible’s prophecies as it is to misuse them. The November/December issue of the Baptist Bulletin examines the importance of Bible prophecy, Israel’s future in God’s program, and a sound hermeneutical approach to Scripture.


  • Why Biblical Prophecy Matters (by Cory M. Marsh)
  • Young, Restless, Fundamentalist: Is There Still a Future for Israel? (by Paul J. Scharf)
  • Why Originalism? The Need for a Sound Hermeneutic (by David Gunn)
  • Keep It Simple, Student: 8 Tips to Improve Your Bible Study (by Brennan Wilson)
  • The One Bridge You Can Trust (by Ryan Day)

Bb+ Digital
All the content of the print magazine, plus the following articles:

  • How Then Shall We Think of Kanye West’s Conversion? (by Mike Hess)
  • Could Jesus Christ Come Today? (by Robert Gromacki)
  • Major Points of Difference in Reformed and Baptist Theology (by Leon J. Wood)
  • The Ten Commandments for Today? Part 2 (by Hermann Austel)
  • Ten Marks of Spiritually Mature Church Leaders (by Jim Vogel)
  • I Am Called to Self-Sacrifice, Not Self-Care (by Amy Dunham)
  • The Role of the New Covenant in the Life of the Church (by Don Trest)

Subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin as an individual or in a group plan for members of your church. Questions? Contact Lynne Goemaat, 847.585.0833.