Our international ministry partners in Myanmar have been severely affected by the hard-hitting cyclone. News outlets are reporting tens of thousands dead and scores of thousands still missing. Every dead or missing person affects a family, and every family affects a circle of friends. Businesses have been damaged or washed away, leading to widespread unemployment or interruption in employment. In a country where poverty is more the norm than the exception, this event has produced a crisis of great proportions. All utilities have been cut off—no electricity, no water, no communications. Food supplies are limited, and disease will soon become widespread. Please pray for our Myanmar brothers and sisters in Christ. Click here to read Gospel Literature Service’s report containing a Myanmar brother’s update and to give financial aid for emergency relief.

Submitted by Chris Hindal, GARBC Director of International Ministries

Uplifting a Pastor
Pastor Mike McCloud is experiencing major health difficulties and the accompanying financial pressures. Please pray for Mike, and his wife, Cecilia, during this time of testing. You might wish to email a note of encouragement to Mike.

Update provided by Mike McCloud