The devil is cunning in his attack upon the Lord’s servants.  The country of Kenya is suffering from famine conditions which have spawned much violence in the country.  Our dear brother David Osoyi, the counter part to John Greening in Kenya, reported that thugs broke into his home this week. They seriously injured his wife Esther and broke the leg of one of their orphans.  They took away many food items, utensils and important documents. That same night they attacked one of the ladies of the church; they badly beat her and raped her daughter.  Deacon George was attacked last week and needed to be hospitalized for a week.

Your gifts to GLS help us to respond immediately to these dire situations. In this instance we need to help with money for food, basic cooking utensils and hospital expenses.  Your gift to GLS for “emergency relief” enables us to be able to not only console with words, but to provide tangible help in the name of Jesus.  You may send your gift to GLS 1300 N. Meacham Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60173 or use your credit card.  May God bless you for your compassionate response.

Chris Hindal, Director of GARBC International Ministries