Pastor Jacqueson Pierre directs a ministry that has seven Bethel Baptist Churches in Haiti, two Bethel Christian Hope Schools, and Haitian Hope Ministries, Inc. (IPFBM partner)—all of which have been affected by the earthquake.

Pastor Pierre reports that 200 families connected to the ministry are homeless, and 54 college students in Port-au-Prince have been confirmed dead.

Families who have lost loved ones:

  • Rev. Iliophène Issac lost four sons and his brother
  • Mrs. Bernadette Perceval lost four children
  • Pastor Emmanuel Costumé lost two brothers
  • Guito Valmont’s lost a brother
  • Volvick Anantua Pierre lost two sons and is homeless
  • Wislande Saintilien lost three sisters and five cousins
  • Pastor Antoine G. Saintilien lost 24 church members
  • Viergina Julien lost her mother and father and is homeless

Families who are homeless:

  • Paul Pierre
  • Mrs. Aristarque Nelson
  • Jacques Etienne
  • Alma Jean‐Pierre
  • Marceline Jean‐Philippe
  • Pastor Eldain
  • Viergina Julien

General prayer requests for Haiti:

  • Rev. Elysee Joseph, pastor of one the biggest churches in Haiti, died. Pray for his family and the church.
  • Recovery of people who are still trapped under concrete
  • People who have traveled to Haiti to help
  • The American press, specifically CNN
  • World leaders who are helping Haiti
  • Haitians living outside Haiti who have lost relatives
  • Security in Haiti
  • Clean and pure air
  • A swift reconstruction of Haiti

Read a complete list of prayer requests from Haitian church and IPFBM partners.