“All our church members are affected by the earthquake, one way or the other,” says Pastor Jacquelin Saint-Preux of Eglise Evangelique Baptiste, Elmont, N.Y. The Long Island church, comprised of first-generation Haitian believers, joined the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches in 2009.

“Our members are still struggling to grasp the destruction in our country,” Pastor Saint-Preux says, detailing how church members have lost parents, children, brothers, and sisters during the Hatian tragedy. “All of us in the church have lost nieces and cousins. I have many friends of mine who died where I used to live when I was in Haiti.” Pastor Saint-Preux shares the following requests regarding people in his church who are affected by the earthquake. 

For complete list of prayer requests from church and IPFBM partners, click here.

Church people who have lost loved ones:
  • Brother Willy, co‐maestro of church choir, lost four or five nieces and nephews.
  • Sister Malita of Rosedale, Queens, New York,  lost her sister and two nieces.
  • Brother Philip Sickel, who returned to Haiti last month, lost his daughter. She was running from her house only to get killed by the collapse of another house.
  • Brother Garcon Elysias lost a nephew.
  • Pastor Jack’s close friend, Jean Claude Cerin, had houses and an office severly damaged. Jean’s coworker had nieces and nephews buried in the rubbish–two were rescued; two died.
  • Sister Esther Saint Armand lost her mother, found dead under rubble.
  • Pastor Maurice Edouards lost six members of extended family.

Family of church people who have injuries or are homeless:

  • Mr. Cayo Michel, church member, is injured. He’s trying to return to New York for care.
  • Pastor Maurice Edouards’ family
  • Sister Marie Claude Michel’s family
  • Sister Philomene’s family
  • Sister Adeline’s family
  • Sister Inalia Cadet’s family
  • Pastor Pamphile’s family
  • Sister Noellie Buissereth’s family
  • Brother Garcon Elisias’s family
  • Brother Ones Bonnet’s family
  • Pastor Jacquelin and Murielle Saint-Preux’s family