This prayer request comes from Diane Clements, wife of Pastor Gary Clements, of First Baptist Church in West Sacramento, CA. Diane helped to establish Grace Children’s Home in Nepal in which three orphans have serious medical conditions and need your prayer.

Diane describes the need of Dhiky:
Dhiky Dhoka experienced a ruptured intestine this week causing her kidneys to shut down, her lungs to fill with fluid and infection in her abdomen. The doctors have completed two emergency surgeries on her. Currently she is unconscious and does not have a good prognosis. The doctors feel there is no hope.

The Baptist Bulletin in June 2007 featured Alisha, another girl from the orphanage, who was in need of a heart transplant. Alisha’s condition has continued to deteriorate. This week the doctors determined they could do nothing more for Alisha and sent her home to die.

Alisha’s sister, Namuna, is also suffering from heart disease and will need a heart valve replacement when she is older. She is experiencing chest pain because of this defect.

Please pray for the spiritual and physical needs of these three girls.

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