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With the Lord

Daniel Zimmerman, Missionary

By May 22, 2018No Comments

GRAFTON, Illinois—Daniel William Zimmerman, a retired missionary, died April 19. He was 95.

Prior to becoming a missionary, Daniel was working on the flight line at Patterson Air Field in Ohio when he entered the Army Air Force in 1943. He was assigned to the Tow Target Detachment at March Field, where antiaircraft gunners were trained shooting at towed targets. Later he trained for B-29 bombers to serve in the Pacific. When the atomic bomb was dropped, he was discharged, having served three years.

While in the Air Force, Daniel felt called of the Lord to prepare for missionary service in Africa. He received missionary training at Moody Bible Institute, where he met his wife, Anna Marguerite Cady. They married on April 22, 1949, and left for Africa in November of the same year. Working with Evangelical Baptist Missions, the Zimmermans pioneered the work of the mission and continued in the French Sudan, which later became the Mali Republic, until 1981. Upon returning to the U.S., he provided pulpit supply for churches through the 1990s.

Daniel was preceded in death by his wife, Ann, and a daughter, Martha Bickett.

He is survived by his children Daniel, John, David, and Miriam Speer; 10 grandchildren; and 20 great-grandchildren.