KISUMU, Kenya—Two years ago children around the world attending Regular Baptist Press’s SeaQuest Vacation Bible School program donated money toward a missions project, Operation Love: Kenya—Building a Home for Children. Missions stories, posters, and a video helped children visualize the impact of their giving, and when the GARBC International Ministries received the funds, they totaled more than $35,000.

Now the orphanage that the children worked so hard to fund has been built. A dedication service April 22 marked its official opening. Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, says, “No one church had the vision or the resources to do it, but through boys and girls each making their contribution, we see the reality of combined efforts. ‘Together we can accomplish more!’ God has provided a wonderful place for these children by using the sacrifices of many.”

David Osoyi, president of the Independent Faith Baptist Churches of Kenya (a partner with the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries), and his wife, Esther, have been caring for children in their church building since 2004. That year the Osoyis took in their first orphan, a sick child whom they nursed back to health. The child was later taken away from them, placed with her extended family, and died. This incident, along with David’s background as a struggling child—one of 21 children—in a polygamist home, motivated the Osoyis to take in other children. Esther is a nurse, which suits her well to assist these kids.

When Operation Love began, the Osoyis were caring for 39 children, most of whom were orphaned due to AIDS. “Living in the church building means the children sleep on mats on the floor. . . . What they really need is a house,” Chris Hindal told VBS participants through a video.

The new orphanage has 12 rooms that will accommodate up to 30 children, as recommended by the Kenya government’s department for children. The number of children living in the home varies, but currently the Osoyis have 19 in the home, where they receive both physical and spiritual care.

Chris and Deb Hindal participated in the orphanage’s dedication service, with Chris bringing the message on the greatness of God, taken from Isaiah 40. “What a blessing to see this wonderful provision of God,” he said. “This was a gift from children to children.” David Osoyi opened the service in prayer and singing. The three-hour meeting also included many introductions, testimonies, greetings, and a reading of the history of the orphanage. Chris joined hands with David and Esther Osoyi and led in the dedicatory prayer marking the opening of the home. At the conclusion, all the guests were invited to tour the home and join for lunch.

The orphanage is still in need of additional beds, mattresses, and mosquito nets, which are a must in that area to keep children healthy. In addition, David Osoyi sees the need to make this ministry self-sustaining. He would like to start a poultry operation that would supply eggs for the children, but also be a source of income. Costs for setup are estimated to be $5,000. You can help by donating online or sending a check to GARBC International Ministries, 1300 Meacham Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60173. Type “Kenya Orphanage” in the online Comments/Designations box, or write “Kenya Orphanage” on the check’s memo line.