The heart of Christ contained a single vision that He imparted to His understudies—that vision was the Great Commission. By precept and example Christ mobilized His followers to carry out His vision on a global scale.

Wendell Kempton embraced the Master’s vision. By God’s enablement over the decades of Dr. Kempton’s ministry, Wendell mobilized countless people and churches to embrace that vision. He helped us raise our eyes to the harvest fields. He made us believe it was our obligation to reach the world and that we could make a difference for the cause of Christ. He taught us how to evangelize. He was never satisfied with the inaction of bench sitters. He always wanted us in the contest, giving it our all. His passion translated not only into words which exploded from his lips but also into his actions.

On behalf of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches and as a member of the Kempton “team,” I express deepest respect and sympathy to the Kempton family and to the family of ABWE. We will miss our coach. We have lost a champion. But we will carry on because our greatest tribute to Dr. Kempton is to embrace the vision of the Great Commission of Christ as we have been taught by our exceptional leader.

by John Greening, GARBC National Representative

An obituary for Dr. Kempton is posted by the Baptist Bulletin.