SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—Regular Baptist Press launched two new seminars in February to help churches ensure that their children’s and women’s ministries are engaging, appropriate, and relevant. The seminars, first hosted at the GARBC Resource Center in Schaumburg, Ill., will be scheduled at churches and associational meetings.

“I really appreciated the new ideas that were given,” said Melany Baessler of Grace Baptist Church, Gary, Ind., who attended the Seeds of Faith seminar led by Andrea Chamberlain. “Learning about more creative activities will help engage the children so much more!”

Those attending the seminar left with a greater passion and understanding for children’s ministry. Even more, they left with a greater ability to engage children on a level they can understand—making the lessons come alive more clearly to the students.

“It made me realize that I can always do more . . . use what I have to my advantage and build personal relationships,” said Juan Alvanado of Bible Baptist Church, Rolling Meadows, Ill.

The In Focus women’s ministry seminar presented by Jeannie Vogel helped the seminar attendees understand the ministry needs of women.

Jeanie Augsburger, First Baptist Church, Arlington Heights, Ill., said, “The continuum helped me see the big picture and provided a place to mentally ‘file’ information.”

The evangelistic portion of the seminar helped participants focus on ministering to all women. When asked what she appreciated most from the seminar, Tammy Zilinski of Fox Valley Baptist Church, East Dundee, Ill., replied, “Jeannie’s passion for all women of all spiritual levels!”

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