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Putting Others First: May 2009

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Attention GARBC Pastors!

In 1999 the GARBC initiated an international partnership to reach out to associations of fundamental independent Baptist church associations around the globe.  Our missionaries have been laboring abroad throughout our nearly eighty-year history.  In many countries where the gospel has been fruitful, local churches have been established and they have formed associations, similar to our own. Fifty-four such associations have joined with us in the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries (IPFBM).   After ten years of correspondence and on-site visits by the GARBC directors, it is time to bring us all together for a first-ever IPFBM Conference to be held near Bangkok, Thailand at the beautiful Wangren Resort on November 4-7, 2009.

International speakers representing the partnership will be speaking to a variety of issues on the general theme of “Implementing Partnerships to Fulfill the Biblical Mission.”  Dr. John Greening (GARBC national representative), Dr. James Maxwell (President of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary), Dr. Mark Jackson (first director of the IPFBM) and Chris Hindal (current director of GARBC International Ministries) will speak on behalf of the GARBC.  Other speakers will represent the Philippines, India, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

As the initiating association of this partnership, it is important that the GARBC is well-represented at the conference.  Here is a tremendous opportunity for you as a GARBC pastor to get a cross-section look at what God is doing around the world.  You will be helped and challenged by the dedication, accomplishments, and vision of our international brothers.  Workshop leaders will help facilitate a learning environment as we interact on international mission themes.  This conference will help you as a local church pastor to to better informed to lead your church in world missions.

The registration which includes the three-night hotel stay, nine buffet meals, and the conference program is only $150.00 per person.  Try to match that price anywhere in the United States.  In addition, if you register by June 1, the early–bird registration is discounted and will be only $125.00 per person.    Current airline reservations from Chicago to Bangkok are approximately $1250.00 per person.  A passport is required, but U.S. passport holders do not need a visa to enter Thailand.

For those who are interested, a two-day vision trip is planned as an add-on to the conference.  For a few extra dollars for hotel and admission fees, a tour of Bangkok is planned for the Saturday and Sunday following the conference, November 8 & 9.  The tour will include worshipping on Sunday in a Thai Baptist church.  Don’t miss this international experience!

To register, visit our website,

Cookie Brigade for Christ

Join Annual Conference attendees in giving a gospel witness in the nearby towns of Elyria and LaGrange, Ohio. An outreach opportunity is available during the conference week of June 22-26 for distributing cookies and inviting residents to attend Community Day services at two area churches in the GARBC. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights (4:45-6:30 p.m.) teams will be distributing cookies/invitations. Sign up now.  Also you can  participate by bringing home-made cookies to the Annual Conference for the distribution. The goal is to contact 6,000 homes. Contact Pastor Dan Simmons for more information.