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Putting Others First: March 2008

Be a Blessing to Those who have Blessed!

Nominate worthy adults and teens for the GARBC Annual Service Award who have exemplified humble, faithful service for the Lord through local church ministries. The nomination deadline of April 1 is quickly approaching. This is the month to jot down thoughts about someone you appreciate and admire!

Giving Internationals Bible Tools

We may be quick to give money for relief efforts to help with hurricane or tsunami devastation, but are we as quick to lend financial support for teaching God’s Word? 2008 marks the 35th year of Gospel Literature Services (GLS) distributing Regular Baptist Press Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials to countries internationally. GLS Team 300 is seeking to underwrite the expenses of shipping Bible curriculum to forty countries. We need 200 more churches or individuals to step up to the plate to support this effort. Will you donate $30 a month to this effort? Nothing counts more for eternity than evangelizing and teaching God’s Word. For more information contact Chris Hindal, International Ministries Director.

Share your Christmas Eve Service

Winter Synergy describes a Christmas Eve Service that draws community attendance. We are asking churches to submit a description of their Christmas Eve Services. Would you e-mail to us a description of your Christmas Eve service and include your order of service? We will publish the descriptions next fall as a reference for churches preparing for the upcoming Christmas ministry season. A special thanks to Pastor Dave Fox for his description of Berean Baptist Church’s Christmas Eve Service in Springfield, IL.