After John Greening became the GARBC’s national representative in 1996, he searched for a better way to describe the association’s Meacham Road property.

Many referred to it as the Home Office, a phrase that had been adopted as a default alternative to GARBC Headquarters (a name that was roundly disliked for its connotation of denominational hierarchy). But Home Office didn’t feel quite right, either, for an association that had bounced around three locations in Chicago and another in Des Plaines before settling in Schaumburg.

“This building is not our home,” Greening famously said, pointing out that the association had always emphasized the primacy of the local church as the center for each believer’s spiritual growth. The role of the GARBC office was to assist and equip local churches. So he proposed a subtle name change to better reflect our purpose. Today the GARBC staff refers to the building as the GARBC Resource Center, a designation that emphasizes the role of the association and Regular Baptist Press in equipping local churches for ministry.