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June 2016 E-Info: Soaking in TLC!

By June 8, 2016No Comments

JohnScott2_inlineFor many years, I’ve known Scott Poling, host pastor of this year’s GARBC Conference. Scott has a special place in his heart for pastors. On several occasions he has said to me, “John, I just want to encourage pastors and lift their spirit.” This desire is a big reason why Scott and his people at Harvest New Beginnings in Oswego, Illinois, are welcoming us June 28—July 1, not just into their facilities, but also into their hearts. If you could use some encouragement (and who of us couldn’t?), come to the conference and soak in some TLC. People will greet you with a smile and serve you in any way they can. See you soon!

Your friend,
John Greening
Regular Baptist Churches National Representative

Enjoy JUNE 2016 E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • Missions Trip Opportunity: Framers Needed at Church
  • Volunteer Builders Needed in Haiti

Association Updates: June 2016

  • GARBC Conference: Our Very Own!
  • Spotlight on Church Planting at GARBC Conference
  • Nurse Needed for GARBC Conference
  • Proclaiming Christ from the Old Testament: GARBC Conference Speakers
  • International Luncheon to Feature Guests from Around the World
  • A Special Invite: Lunch with Regular Baptist Builders Club
  • GARBC Team Itineraries
  • Regular Baptists around the Country

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Scott Carroll to Present Scrolls at GARBC Conference
  • Conference Workshops of Value to You
  • Messianic Theme in Old Testament: Tuesday Module at the Conference
  • Church Planting Boot Camp


  • 12 Clueless Men: Men’s Study
  • Second Annual Late Night with RBP
  • Lifeguard Wanted: Camp Fairwood
  • LYFE Women’s Conference
  • Making God’s Word Stick in Our Minds

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