Hundreds of conferences are available to churches during the year, but only one is uniquely ours! Look at the features that are yours to enjoy at the GARBC Conference:

  • A museum display of Bible artifacts
  • Worship that uplifts our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Meditation on Christ as seen from the Old Testament
  • Conversations and laughter with brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Picnic on church grounds and luncheon and dessert gatherings
  • Great Bible-centered programs for your children or grandchildren

The GARBC Conference, June 28—July 1, will stir your heart! It’s a great opportunity for the whole family to grow spiritually and enjoy friendships in Christ. The conference offers programming designed for every age group, from newborns to seniors. The staff of host church Harvest New Beginnings in Oswego, Illinois, and our Regular Baptist Resource Center team are working hard to ensure you will have a great experience during the week. Excellent main sessions and relevant workshops at this Bible-centered conference will challenge and encourage you. The Chicagoland location makes a perfect conference and family vacation combination. Come and be spiritually and emotionally refreshed!

The time for church planting is now! Church planting coordinator Clare Jewell has planned times of fellowship and a module at the GARBC Conference to highlight the importance of reproducing churches. When a pastor catches the vision to reproduce his church, it leads to a dramatic, life-changing impact on the church’s ministry. Learn how a mother church benefits when it births a baby church!

The following church planting emphases will take place on Thursday, June 30, at the conference:

8:00 a.m. Continental breakfast for state representatives, mission agency presidents, and their wives at Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois.

2:00 p.m. “Growing Churches” module on church planting led by Clare Jewell and Ken Davis, director of Project Jerusalem and chairman of Baptist Mid-Missions’ church planting council. Register online.

5:00 p.m. Pastors and their families get together at Chicagoland’s famous Giordano’s Pizza in Oswego.

Are you a nurse or former nurse who will be attending the GARBC Conference? Our conference team is looking for a nurse willing to be on call during the main sessions and workshops of the conference. This person can attend the conference events but would need to be accessible for health needs that might arise. If you can assist, please contact Andrea Gower, 847.843.1600, ext. 899. Many thanks!

Be encouraged in God’s Word! Attend the GARBC Conference June 28—July 1 in Oswego, Illinois. Value the richness of Christ as shown in Old Testament Scripture. Enjoy challenging and encouraging messages from the following speakers:

  • Daniel Davey portrait Y15Daniel Davey is president and professor of Bible exposition at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. He has taught students and led the seminary since its inception in 1995. Previously Dr. Davey served for 33 years of pastoral ministry at Colonial Baptist Church in Virginia Beach. Daniel and his wife, Martha, have four grown children and two grandchildren.
  • Scott Poling Y15Scott Poling has a burden to speak encouragement into pastors’ lives. Serving as pastor of Harvest New Beginnings for 21 years, Scott understands the pressures of ministry and has a passion for preaching, evangelism, and leadership. He is a graduate of Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He and and his wife, Carla, have five children, ages 9 to 22. Scott’s interests include trail running with his Weimaraner, Scout; hiking America’s national parks; and running marathons, ultramarathons, and 100-mile endurance races.
  • Jim LytleJ-006Jim Lytle is president of Summit University. As a veteran educator and missionary, seasoned leader, and experienced vice president and provost, he has served as president since Jan. 1, 2015. Jim has published several study guides and articles on studying the Bible and Christian living. He coauthored Effective Bible Study and The Christian Life with his wife, Diane, for Regular Baptist Press adult Sunday school curriculum.
  • Scott Carroll has a PhD in ancient studies from Miami University and specializes in ancient papyri and manuscripts, bothCarroll Biblical and classical. He also dedicates himself to pursuing the story of evidence for how we got the Bible. He has taught at a number of institutions over the past 30 years. His most recent academic affiliations include Baylor University and Asian Biblical Theological Seminary.
    • John Greening casual1 Y13John Greening is an eighth generation pastor. He served in youth and senior pastorates for over 20 years. In John’s role as GARBC national representative, he speaks frequently, consults with churches, and provides leadership for the association. Together with his wife, Daria, John leads in church ministry training conferences and writes church educational resources.

    A record number of international guests is expected to attend the GARBC Conference. “If you are planning to attend,” says Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, “I hope you will also plan to take part in the international luncheon on Wednesday, . . . which will provide you an opportunity to meet some of the brothers and sisters who partner with us through the international partnership.” Please pray for the safety of our international brothers and sisters as they travel and for their financial needs to pay for transportation. (Register online for the international luncheon.)

    Join Regular Baptist Builders Club for lunch on Thursday, June 30, 12:15 p.m., at the GARBC Conference. Come and enjoy a casual, relaxed atmosphere focused on fellowship and ministry. Director Michael Nolan will share how the ministry is strengthening Regular Baptist churches across America. Register online or on-site at Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois, as long as tickets are available.



    Gladly Serving Churches
    JUNE 2016

    John Greening
    National Representative
    5: Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, Illinois
    27: Council of 18 meeting, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois
    28–July 1: GARBC Conference, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois

    Manning Brown
    Director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy
    9: Chaplain Mark Worrell graduation, U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School, Fort Jackson, South Carolina
    27: Dinner with chaplains and families, Famous Dave’s, Oswego, Illinois
    27: Council of 18 meeting, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois
    28: Chaplains’ meeting and seminar, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois
    28–July 1: GARBC Conference, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois

    Chris Hindal
    Director of Regular Baptist International
    26: Faith Baptist Church, Geneseo, Illinois
    27: Council of 18 meeting, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois
    28–July 1: GARBC Conference, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois

    Clare Jewell
    Coordinator of Church Planting

    1–3: Church planting strategy development, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    5: Thurston Community Baptist Church, Albany, Oregon
    13–17: Retreat at Lake James, North Carolina
    19: Thurston Community Baptist Church, Albany, Oregon
    20–24: DMin cohort, Corban University, Salem, Oregon
    27: Council of 18 meeting, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois
    28–July 1: GARBC Conference, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois

    Michael Nolan
    Director of Regular Baptist Builders Club and Strategic Ministry Growth
    27: Hope Community Church, Waterford, Michigan
    28–July 1: GARBC Conference, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois

    JUNE 2016
    2: IL–MO Peoria pastors’ cookout, Germantown Hills Baptist Church, Metamora, Illinois
    3, 4: IL–MO golf retreat, Camp Manitoumi, Lowpoint, Illinois
    11–15: IARBC Talents For Christ tour, Iowa
    18: IL–MO Quincy pastors’ cookout, Camp Point Park, Camp Point, Illinois
    25: Montana Regular Baptist Fellowship/Lake Blaine Baptist Bible Camp work day and picnic, Kalispell, Montana
    26: Camp Fairwood 50th anniversary celebration, Westfield, Illinois