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Improving Your Ministry Skills

By November 4, 2010June 21st, 2014No Comments

“Balancing Ministry and Family” GARBC Webinar—Nov. 11

Presenter: Pastor Will Hatfield, Campus Baptist Church, Ames, Iowa

Every married pastor experiences the challenge of balancing ministry and family. A happy home provides the foundation for joyful service. Explore the challenging topic of maintaining balance between home and pastoral responsibilities. Register now!

Ministry Leaders Contribute to  GARBC Synergy

Thank you to the following ministry leaders for contributing to Synergy, the GARBC newsletter for churches equipping churches: Pastor Jon Jenks and Associate Pastor Steve Barton (Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.); Pastor Craig Jarvis, Bart Morrick, and Cindie Winquist (Verona, Wis.); Rev. Willard Stull (ABWE); The Link: OARBC newsletter; Pastor David Whiting (Rochester, N.Y.); Pastor Jeffrey Howell (Jersey Shore, Pa.); Pastor Laird Baldwin (Brookville, Ohio); Pastor Larry Lindow, (Littleton, Ill.); Pastor Nathan Gast (Kansas City, Kan.); Pastor Ken Young (Forest Lake, Pa.); and Pastor Bill Mattox (Madison, Wis.). If you have a ministry idea that has worked well for your church family, please e-mail it to Synergy.

Together We Can Accomplish More!