PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—Another pastor’s house in Haiti has been completed. This is the fifth house to be built in the earthquake-ravaged nation as a partnership between GARBC International Ministries, Construction for Worldwide Evangelism, the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, and the Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti. The group, headed by Dave Manore of ABWE, on-site construction manager, is working to construct pastors’ houses and churches.

Pastor Ulrick and his wife were delighted to see the construction of their house come to a close. Manore says, “Mrs. Ulrick had not seen the house at all during the construction phase, so she was especially pleased. We poured the slab 24 inches above grade on this one because this area has seen 12 inches of flooding during hurricanes”—a smart plan, since Hurricane Sandy arrived just days after construction was completed.

Prédestin Hérard, president of the Association des Énglises Evangeliques Baptistes d΄ Haiti, an IPFBM partner, is a pastor in the area and director of an orphanage. Thankfully, he says, Hurricane Sandy did not damage his home or the guesthouse, which lodges volunteer relief workers and serves as a Haiti Bible Institute training center for Haitian pastors.

The biggest issue, Hérard says, is that “several pastors are still living in tents suffering in the rain.”

But help is on the way for these pastors. The foundation has been dug for the sixth house, and the site cleared for the seventh. Thanks in part to donations sent to GARBC International Ministries, funds are available to complete houses six, seven, and eight.

  • You can help purchase building materials for construction in Haiti. Read “Hope for Haiti” on the GARBC International Ministries’ projects page to learn more about the project and about donating.