EBM was founded in 1928 by six members of Madison Avenue Baptist Church, Patterson, N.J., providing funds for missionary Joseph McCaba, who later became the mission’s president. Originally named African Christian Mission, the agency expanded to other countries and changed its name to Evangelical Baptist Missions, enjoying a long and storied history of missionary activity, “helping churches reach the world.”

The agency was placed on the list of GARBC-approved missions following McCaba’s 1938 presentation at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, Waterloo, Iowa. When the GARBC dropped its formal approval of mission agencies in 2000, EBM continued to have close ties with GARBC churches. At the time of EBM’s closing, 91 churches were listed as home churches or commissioning churches. Of these, 53 are in fellowship with the GARBC. A majority of EBM’s revenue came from GARBC churches and church members.


EBM’s board at closing included Dr. Don Whipple (board chair and pastor), Dr. John Murdoch (board secretary and GARBC Director of Chaplaincy Ministries), Mr. Glen Brush (businessman and attorney), Rev. John Jackson (Baptist Bible College), Dr. Pam Johnson (board vice chair, Cedarville University), and Rev. Tom Wright (pastor).