HAITI—Rebuilding efforts of pastors’ homes and churches in Haiti are progressing, thanks to a unique four-way partnership of ministries. The Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti partners with the GARBC’s International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. This partnership provided the infrastructure that was essential in knowing who and how to help in Haiti.

At the time of the 2010 earthquake, the association in Haiti had already been identified as a Bible-based group of churches with whom the GARBC had a relationship. The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism first attempted to work with another organization in Haiti, but in consultation with Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, decided to work through the International Partnership’s IPFBM. ABWE has focused most of its efforts and resources in building homes for pastors who were displaced by the earthquake.

Dave Manore, the ABWE on-site construction manager, has also been a great help to President Paul Puleo of Construction for Worldwide Evangelism by preparing the foundation for the construction of local church buildings. CWE, the fourth leg of the Haiti partnership, is currently building its second church building. The pictures show the progress in constructing Evangelical Baptist Church of Bon Repos, where Eddy Nicolas is pastor.

CWE raises 75 percent of the funds for the construction of each church and the GARBC raises 25 percent. The CWE teams of American volunteers are lodged in a guesthouse that the GARBC maintains in partnership with On-Target Ministry, a training ministry that educates pastors to educate others. On-Target Ministry splits the rental costs with the GARBC and uses the guesthouse to conduct its Haiti Bible Institute for Haitian pastors, who will earn two-year Bible degrees through the program.