SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—A recognition council has voted unanimously to recognize Great Commission Baptist Church as a properly organized Baptist church. This is one step further in the church plant’s aim to reach its community with God’s truth. The recognition council convened at the request of Scott Greening, pastor of the Schaumburg church, on May 18. Bernie Augsburger, state representative of the Illinois/Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches, led the council of pastors and laymen from four states.

As such an occasion requires, the council examined the church’s documents, including its covenant, articles of faith, and bylaws. Council members carefully reviewed each statement, asking questions of the pastor and suggesting revisions. The council voiced their appreciation for the thoughtfulness of some sections’ wording, but noted that this is the easiest time to tweak things; changes are easier to make now rather than later, they said.

Scott Greening launched Great Commission Baptist Church in 2010. After meeting in a community center, the church found a new home at the Weathersfield Commons Shopping Plaza. Missionary builders Brent and Michelle Howard with ChurchCare Construction came alongside Great Commission Baptist to help volunteers turn the retail space into a church.

“It really does take a village—actually a network of churches and ministries—to plant a church,” says John Greening, GARBC national representative and Scott’s father. With much work from its members and friends, Great Commission is making inroads into its community.

The church holds New Neighbor Outreaches, welcoming people who have recently moved into the area, and will host a free Memorial Day picnic for the public on the church’s grounds.

On May 8 the church held a worship service in Urdu for Pakistani believers. Over 80 people attended. “This was a wonderful experience for me as the pastor,” Scott says. “It was a joy to see people worshiping the Lord in a language and style that was meaningful to them. It was also a tangible reminder that being a follower of Jesus Christ is not an experience limited to one culture and one part of the world. Followers of Jesus worship around the world.”