PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—As part of an ongoing partnership between GARBC International Ministries and Construction for Worldwide Evangelism, a church in Haiti has been constructed and dedicated to the Lord as a place for worship and the proclamation of the Word of God. This group of people downtrodden by the 2010 earthquake and poverty are now encouraged by the assistance of brothers and sisters who acted with compassion and reached out to them. CWE is comprised of individuals from local churches who come together to accomplish what they could not do by themselves. This church is the first of two churches that will be built this year. The second is expected to be completed July 28.

GARBC International Ministries also partners with the project department of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism in building homes for pastors. One home has been completed, and three more are scheduled for this year.

The guesthouse in Haiti.

Right after the earthquake, GARBC International Ministries rented a guesthouse in Haiti to accommodate groups that are interested in serving the Lord in this needy land. The guesthouse has served a variety of needs. Its original intent was to provide a place for relief workers from GARBC churches to aid in the rebuilding efforts. Several groups from American churches have served among the Haitian churches to meet their spiritual needs by holding Bible studies, conducting VBS-style children’s ministries, and participating in worship services. Other groups have helped in the actual construction of church sites.

GARBC International Ministries continues to open the doors for church groups to minister in this needy country. The organization partners with Dr. Jim Bearss of On Target Ministry, which now splits the rental costs and uses the guesthouse to conduct Haiti Bible Institute. Nineteen Haitian pastors will finish their last four modules in November to complete a two-year Bible degree.