Joseph StowellA wonderful tribute is paid in the book of Acts to the itinerant ministry of the Apostle Paul and Timothy. Those words are fitting for Dr. Stowell’s distinguished ministry among the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. “And as they went through the cities… the churches were strengthened in the faith, and increased in number” (Acts 16:4, 5).

God used Dr. Stowell’s Biblical preaching, his reverence for his Lord, and his respect for pastoral ministry to strengthen the faith of countless pastors within our Fellowship and beyond. With the loving support of his wife, Dr. Stowell’s example of doing the Lord’s work with dignity and grace set a lofty standard to which many of us still desire to attain. His resonant voice will continue to speak in our minds and his model of godly shepherding will impact our ministries for years to come.

On behalf of the churches of the GARBC, I lift my Bible in tribute to this man whose ambition was to exalt its Divine Author.

John Greening
National Representative, GARBC