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Church Planting Think Tank

By January 25, 2008July 16th, 2014No Comments

GRAFTON, Ohio—“Church planting—we may be closer than we think.” That was the conclusion of a church planting think tank after a full day of discussion at the Baptist Church Planters offices in Grafton, Ohio. Representatives from BCP and the GARBC met recently to discuss how the churches, state and national Regular Baptist Fellowships and affiliated ministries could reach the goal of launching a church planting movement in our network. The think tank was a follow-up to a November Council of Eighteen discussion of the great need for church planting among churches in the GARBC. The participants noted that many essential components for church planting already exist within the churches, ministries, and fellowships. The challenge is to identify the catalyst that will bring the components together. A cross-section task force is being assembled to design a suitable and effective strategy. John Greening, national representative for the GARBC, said that members of the Council of 18 are praying daily that an aggressive church planting effort can be generated through our Association. “We really may be closer than we think,” said Greening. “As someone once said, ‘Together we can accomplish more.’”