PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—Haiti continues to be an impoverished nation struggling to improve its infrastructure after the devastating earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010. In this poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, churches have difficulty supporting their pastors and ministries. But God has answered a longstanding prayer request.

Macro-Micro Enterprise Development, led by Dr. Frank Gainer, partnered with GARBC International Ministries to launch a Christian-owned business on Wednesday, April 10. The Union Provisions Food Store is a co-op with 14 Haitian families as shareholders representing eight local churches. The sustainable business plan not only provides an income stream for these families but also provides assistance for the association of Baptist churches in Haiti. If successful, this pilot program will be duplicated in communities surrounding Port-au-Prince.

Start-up funds for this business were raised by M-MED and GARBC International Ministries. This past Christmas, Director Chris Hindal promoted a special offering to the GARBC churches, and churches and individuals responded, bringing this project into reality.

Chris says, “Praise God for those who shared in this vision. It brings hope to a people who struggle every day to carry out God’s work in difficult circumstances.”