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Being God’s Giver

By January 9, 2013June 17th, 2014No Comments

Gifting Pastors with Books
Be a blessing to pastors in 2013 by giving a financial gift to the GARBC. Though the Christmas giving season is over, the opportunity to provide pastors with needed books continues. Help pastors on limited incomes to receive books that will strengthen their libraries. Give a financial gift to the GARBC online and specify “Books for Pastors” in the notes. Honor the Lord’s servants!

Missions Projects for Youth Groups or Christian Schools
In Bangladesh young tribal people in the Hill Tracts must leave their homes and live in hostels in order to receive an education. These hostels, run by fundamental Baptist churches, have many needs. Young people in America need to have a vision beyond themselves, and helping these churches in the Hill Tracts would be a great missions project for youth groups or Christian schools. If you are interested, contact Chris Hindal, director of International Ministries, who recently visited those areas.