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August 2013 E-Info: Connecting for a Purpose!

e-info_thumbnail Great things happen when our churches work together! I am thrilled to see churches connecting with churches—for spreading the gospel, for training, for fellowshipping with one another, for helping in time of need, and for ministering to communities. Notice the endeavors of churches ministering to one another in this August E-Info—the launching of an online singles’ website, the hosting of counseling training, the instructing online, the meeting together of two state associations. This connecting happens not only nationally but internationally through the GARBC’s participation in the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. God is good in giving us a worldwide network of like-minded churches to further His work. Read on to find new ways of connecting for your church!

John Greening, GARBC National Representative

Enjoy August’s E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • New Partner Enters IPFBM
  • International Scholarship Fund
  • Building a Christian School in Liberia

Association Updates

  • New Online Ministry for Singles
  • Retreat Home Available
  • GARBC Ministries Video Presentations for Your Church
  • OARBC and MARBC to Meet Together
  • Regular Baptists around the Country
  • GARBC Staff Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Great Online Classes for August and September
  • Livestream” GARBC Conference Messages
  • Faith Regional Biblical Counseling Training
  • Biblical Parenting: Meeting the Challenges Seminar


  • Children’s Program to Meet Your Church’s Needs
  • Women’s Study on the Holy Spirit

E-Info, a GARBC newsletter, communicates information about association happenings, ministry development, church events, and service opportunities. Share your ministry-related information by contacting the GARBC Resource Center. Together We Can Accomplish More!