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Association Updates: September 2008

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  • Jim Vogel seeks input on 2009 GARBC Annual Conference workshops
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    Young Baptists Leaders

    a note from “Pappa John” Greening, GARBC National Representative

    One of the great assets of the GARBC is the strength of its young pastors and wives. A new group of young Baptist leaders launched their beginning event at the 2008 Annual Conference. I am thrilled with their desire to actively participate in improving and expanding the influence of the GARBC.

    To help in facilitating this group, we will explore the following matters and more:

    • using GARBC Facebook group to encourage interaction
    • determining meeting options for young Baptists
    • promoting writing among these leaders
    • identifying interest topics for discussion and collaborative projects
    • researching what other groups are doing to involve young leaders
    • expanding opportunities for participation in the Annual Conference
    • determining various communication channels
    • hosting special events to unite and mobilize the energy of these leaders.

    If you fall in the category of a young Baptist leader (forty years and younger) and love the GARBC and want to make it better, let me know. Our Association wants you; we need you! Be part of the “together” in “Together we can accomplish more!”

    Spread Good News!

    The fall program at your church is kicking into gear. We want to hear about special events or ministry activities that you are doing! Great things are happening in the GARBC family, see here. Let us know what events or ministries are coming up on your church calendar, click here.

    Baptists Across the Country


    5, 6 IL-MO Ladies’ Retreat, Lowpoint, IL
    5, 6 IARBC Ladies’ Retreat, Ventura, IA
    9 Senior Saints’ Retreat, Lowpoint, IL
    8-11 Baptist Network Northwest Pastors and Wives Retreat, Cannon Beach, Oregon
    13 OARBC Bike for Youth, OH North and South bike trails
    15, 16 MARBC Annual Meeting, MN
    23 Garden State Fellowship Fall Meeting, New Life Island, NJ
    28 MARBC Annual Day of Prayer
    29, 30 IFRBC / Crossroads Fellowship Annual Conference, Cicero, IN