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A Calculated Approach to Haiti

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—News reports from Haiti reveal the extensive loss of life, destruction of property, and general breakdown of the country’s infrastructure. For months to come, survivors will tell stories of personal tragedy. As people of God are moved with compassion, we must focus our energy on assisting in the most meaningful ways.

We are grateful for the first wave of relief organizations rushing to the area with basic supplies of water, medicine, and food. Many national and international organizations are well prepared to deal with the human suffering caused by disaster.

The General Association of Regular Baptist Churches is organizing a second wave of assistance, part of a longer, strategic approach to assist with physical and spiritual needs. Our brothers and sisters in Haiti will face the challenge of rebuilding homes, churches, and orphanages for months and years to come.

The GARBC already has a warm partnering relationship with the Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti, led by their president, Pastor Prédestin Hérard. We desire to marshal teams of workers from our GARBC churches to work through this Haitian association to meet humanitarian needs and to share the life-changing message of the gospel. These teams could be building teams, medical teams, evangelistic teams, child-focused teams, youth-targeted teams, teaching teams, or other creative efforts to spread the love of Christ and help a nation in trouble.

Gospel Literature Services is immediately printing the Why tract in French for distribution in Haiti, along with 21,000 French gospel tracts already on hand.

Your donation is critical to the execution of a carefully devised plan for reaching into the lives of Haitian believers. Rather than relying completely on Americans to meet these needs, we wish to partner with Haitian believers to reach their relatives, friends, and acquaintances. All of this will take money. Hundreds of people may be able to go, but even more can help through financial donations.

Even before the earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Now none of us should say we cannot afford to help. In light of the blessings we have received, we cannot afford to ignore this need. Will you pray for the people of Haiti? Prayer from the heart is accompanied by compassion.

Step up and go beyond prayer. Donate now to help reach Haitians for the glory of God.

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