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In Memory of Pastor Roger Ridley

Pastor Roger Ridley was a man of distinction and vision. He was a practitioner of 21st century church planting that aligned itself with the model of Scripture. His vision, counsel, and quiet “get things done” manner made him a man of influence. I have enjoyed working with him greatly in seeing his dream expanded through our Association of churches. The personal interest he took in my son and daughter-in-law as new church planters was a joy to observe. Roger was a model of mentoring. With all of his heart Roger believed the words of Christ, “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” The article in the current issue of the Baptist Bulletin featuring the Gretna church plant is a testimony to his burden. As a tribute to this godly husband, father, pastor and missionary, we will endeavor to carry on the work to which he gave his life.

John Greening
GARBC National Representative