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e-INFOMinistry HighlightsOctober 2014

October 2014 E-Info: Beyond the Circle

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e-info_thumbnailIt’s great to meet and make new friends. I did so recently as a participant in “The Conversation,” a panel discussion to which I was invited. Though I honestly do not think any of the attendees came expecting a showdown, the individuals representing several constituencies seldom have taken the opportunity to get acquainted and to learn how much we have in common. I hope you will read the article in this E-Info, “Fundamental Baptist Leaders Discussion Recap.” It may prompt you to call a nearby pastor who isn’t in your normal circle and make a new friend. We just may start a grassroots coalescing of brothers and churches who have reason to become better friends!

John Greening
GARBC National Representative


OCTOBER 2014 E-Info is ready for your viewing!

Being God’s Giver

  • Pray for the Hindals’ Ministry in Asia
  • Pray for Our Chaplains in Afghanistan

Association Updates

  • Special Christmas Gift Project
  • Sneak Preview: November/December Baptist Bulletin
  • Operation Greeting Cards for Our Troops
  • Fundamental Baptist Leaders Discussion Recap
  • Regular Baptists around the Country
  • GARBC Staff Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Free Webinar: “The Question Churches Rarely Ask”
  • Developing a Band of Church-Planting Brothers
  • Calling All Chaplains and Would-Be Chaplains
  • Conference/Pastors’ Seminar Addresses Spiritual Formation
  • Conference Underscores Evangelism


  • Communion Elements Now Available
  • iDonate Makes Giving Easier
  • Choir Robes Available

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