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March 2019: Opening Doors

Hello, friends,

By God’s design, we have been created to be highly relational people. A short study of the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22 and 23 reveals that God expects our relationships to grow in Christlikeness. God has used and continues to use our fellowship of churches to bless Christina and me with iron-sharpening and encouraging relationships within ministry. For all of us, involvement in local, state, and national fellowships opens doors for mutual encouragement among ministry peers. My prayer is that God will use this Bb Pulse newsletter to encourage you as you make disciples in your local churches.

All for His glory,
Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

MARCH 2019 Bb Pulse is ready to view!

Association Updates

  • Council of Eighteen Nominations Deadline: March 27
  • Come to Des Moines! 2019 GARBC Conference
  • GARBC Conference Info Packet
  • Regular Baptist Churches: National Representative Mike Hess
  • Regular Baptist Press: Director David Gunn
  • Regular Baptist Chaplaincy: Director Manning Brown
  • Regular Baptist International: Director Chris Hindal
  • Regular Baptist Church Planting and Baptist Builders Club: Director Clare Jewell
  • Churches Subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin
  • Regular Baptists Across the States
  • Regular Baptist Administrative Team Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Mike’s Picks: Podcasts, Training, Articles on Ministry
  • Conference to Focus on “Church Forward”
  • Alpha Omega Conference
  • Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Conference
  • God Revealed Apologetics Conference
  • “Puritan Preaching and Praying” Pulpit Day
  • Conference Discusses “Unpacking Forgiveness”


  • Teacher Training Resources
  • Quantity Discounts Available through RBP
  • Church Seeking Pastoral Assistant
  • Faith Baptist Bible College Seeking Your Input
  • Assisted Living Facility Seeking Dining Supervisor
  • Maryland Church Seeking Senior Pastor
  • Mission Organization Seeking Presidential Candidates

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