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July 2017 E-Info: Breathing In!

By July 17, 2017No Comments

A breath of fresh air! Conference time at Sandy Cove with brothers and sisters in Christ was definitely reinvigorating! Among other news in this month’s E-Info is a day-by-day recap of conference events. If you weren’t able to join us, sit back in an Adirondack chair, and take in conference messages, photos, and stories. I can’t bring you the beautiful view, but there’s a sampling of God’s goodness to take in. And while you’re at it, note June 26–29, 2018, for conferencing with us in the northeast Indianapolis suburb of Fishers!


Partnering with you,
John Greening, National Representative

Enjoy JULY 2017 E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • Sponsor an International Pastor
  • The Important Role of Chaplains
  • Pray for Liberian Pastors

Association Updates

  • John Greening to Retire, Search Committee Formed
  • RB Church Planting Update
  • Two Churches Receive Grants
  • OARBC Calls Chuck Pausley as Representative
  • Incoming Churches to GARBC Fellowship
  • Newly Updated GARBC Brochure Now Available
  • Regular Baptist Ministries Team Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Day by Day at GARBC Conference
  • Regular Baptist Ministries Presents Stronger Church Conference
  • Ministerial Apprentice Program
  • Church Safety Preparedness


  • The Pleasures of Marriage: An Exposition of the Song of Solomon
  • Coming Soon: 2017–2018 GARBC Church Directory
  • Job Openings at Regular Baptist Ministries

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