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Ministry Highlights

GARBC Council of Eighteen Meets to Further the Work of Churches

By November 19, 2019No Comments

GREENVILLE, S.C.—Energized for the work of the association, the GARBC Council of Eighteen is meeting to further its assistance and encouragement of churches. Bob Jones University is hosting the meetings, providing lodging, meals, and meeting space.

GARBC National Representative Mike Hess opened the meetings with his encouraging presentation “The GARBC Moving Forward,” which emphasizes the future thrust of the association through relevancy, revitalization, and recruitment. Mike uses this presentation in churches to give members and leaders a comprehensive view of the association and to inform them about far-reaching Regular Baptist ministries.

Ministry leaders Manning Brown of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, David Gunn of Regular Baptist Press, Chris Hindal of Regular Baptist International, and Clare Jewell of Regular Baptist Builders Club and Church Planting gave updates of endeavors to further the work of making disciples around the world. Mark Johnson, treasurer and controller for Regular Baptist Ministries, presented plans of offering further assistance to churches. He stated the need for more association churches to financially support the GARBC.

The Council also confirmed plans for the 2020 GARBC Conference in Sacramento, California, June 29–July 2, and shared preliminary plans for the 2021 GARBC Conference.