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December 2015 E-Info: Wishing You a Messy Christmas!

By December 2, 2015No Comments

e-info_thumbnailHello, friend,

Kids and church Christmas events go together like presents and colorful wrapping paper. Usually when church events involve kids, the post-event scene looks like a home’s living room on Christmas morning after the presents are unwrapped. But the mess is worth it. Solomon said in Proverbs 14:4, “Where there are no oxen are the trough is clean but much increase comes by the strength of the ox.” The work involved in hosting church Christmas events involving kids may take a lot out of you, but keep in mind that the end result is kids growing up grounded in the truth of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Joyfully yours,
John Greening
GARBC National Representative

Enjoy DECEMBER 2015 E-Info:

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Improving Your Ministry Skills

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  • Anniversary Invitation from Sunrise Valley Baptist Church

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