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Ministry Highlights

Committed to People of Many Nations: Pastor Chris and Colleen Pagniello

By September 20, 2016No Comments

pagniello_inlineHAYWARD, Cal.—Chris Pagniello had a 14-year career as a ground equipment electrical mechanic with United Airlines when the Lord called him to be pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Hayward, California. Now he and his wife, Colleen, minister among a diverse congregation including African American, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Indian, Korean, Marshallese, Mexican, and Puerto Rican members. In fact, at times Pastor Chris and Colleen are the only Caucasians in attendance.

The Pagniellos are thoroughly enjoying their 13-year ministry, not just because of the church facility’s beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay, but more importantly, because of their love for their people. One of the challenges of living in a metropolitan area with long commute times is the limited availability for the church to gather beyond Sunday morning worship. To adjust to commuters’ schedules, Pastor Pagniello teaches additional six- to eight-week Bible courses on specific topics with breaks between course offerings. He also thinks very carefully about his approach to sharing the gospel with a culture whose lifestyle is far from Biblical.

Recently Pastor Chris and Colleen warmly welcomed Regular Baptist Church staff John and Daria Greening, Clare Jewell, and Darrell Goemaat during their trip to visit churches and church plants on the West Coast. The Pagniellos’ insights helped the Regular Baptist team gain further understanding of how to minister in an ethnically diverse metropolitan area, and of the need to adjust ministry approaches to reach people who have chosen to adopt vastly immoral lifestyles.