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California Conference Discusses Creation Science and Biblical Prophecy

By April 9, 2015April 13th, 2015No Comments

Shasta_inlineREDDING, Calif.—The 12th Alpha-Omega Conference is under way! Hosted by Shasta Bible College, this annual conference features specialists on creation science and Biblical prophecy. Speakers will present a variety of topics related to the beginning and end of God’s divinely revealed plan for history.

Speakers addressing creation science include Randy Guliuzza (MD, University of Minnesota); Andrew Snelling (PhD, University of Sydney); Andy McIntosh (PhD, Cranfield Institute of Technology); Larry Vardiman (PhD, Colorado State University); Bruce Wood (MATS, Northwest Baptist Seminary); and Al Franklin (ThM, San Francisco Theological Seminary), who pastors Grace Baptist of Redding, a GARBC church.

Presenting on Biblical prophecy are Tom Meyer (MA, Jerusalem University College); Jimmy DeYoung Jr.; David Nicholas (ThD, Grace Theological Seminary); David Wilcox (DMin, Dallas Theological Seminary); George Gunn (PhD Cand, Tyndale Theological Seminary); and Dan Iles (DMin, Western Seminary). Renowned apologist Josh McDowell will also speak on the evidence for Christ.

This year’s conference runs April 8–12. Weekday morning sessions can be live-streamed free of charge here.