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Ministry Highlights

Becoming a Strong Church

By June 5, 2015No Comments

strongchurch_classified“How does a church become strong?” GARBC National Representative John Greening answers this question in his newest book, Strong Church: Building and Measuring Mature Disciples, published by Regular Baptist Press.

John’s book guides readers step-by-step through the process of helping disciples develop spiritual maturity. He offers tools for gauging disciples’ progress in becoming like Christ. “This book is written for anyone involved in teaching, preaching, and discipling in all age groups,” Greening says.

“It is vital that ministry leaders have a working knowledge of the dynamics of learning so well-defined Biblical learning objectives can be developed and put into practice.” By knowing the spiritual walk of individual believers more intimately, your church will be able to teach them the Word of God more effectively.

Discipleship is the heart of Greening’s ministry as national representative as he equips pastors and churches for ministry. Prior to assuming this role, he served in youth and senior pastorates for over 20 years. As he represents the GARBC in churches across the country and around the world, his desire is to strengthen churches through education and writing. He has written three Bible studies for men: A Man and His Ethics, Real Men Are Godly, and Real Men Overcome. With his wife, Daria, he has written Blueprint for Spiritual Maturity, Impact Parenting, and Impact Teaching, and developed the BuildUP approach to church ministry.