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Andy Frey Called to First Baptist Church

frey_inlineGROVE CITY, Pa.—First Baptist Church has called J. Andrew Frey as its pastor. Andy Frey (pronounced Fry) has been pastor of Dimond Boulevard Baptist Church, Anchorage, Alaska, since 2002. Previously he was a youth pastor for 10 years in Florida and Michigan and then a senior pastor in Michigan. In relocating to Pennsylvania, Frey returns to his roots, as he was born and raised as a pastor’s son in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and attended Clarks Summit University.

First Baptist Church installed Frey as pastor on Sept. 18. His former church in Anchorage says he has been “dearly loved by his church family, a great asset to our community, and highly respected in Alaska. . . . We have no doubt Grove City will be blessed and enriched, as we have been, by this godly family.”

Andy and his wife, Judi, have five children and six grandchildren and are foster parents. A special addition to their family has been Michael, who came to the Frey family as a foster child in 2011 when he was three weeks old. The Freys chose to adopt him in August 2012.

Michael was born with multiple heart defects. Told that he may not live more than a few months, Judi says, “We looked forward to just loving him, caring for him as long as God allowed us to.”

Over the next two years, Michael underwent two emergency cardiac catheterizations and two planned surgeries, the first surgery when he was nine months old. When doctors felt that procedures could no longer keep his heart functioning, they recommended a heart transplant, which took place in March 2014. Michael now “has the energy to tromp through mud puddles and play with other kids for the first time in his life,” says Seattle Children’s Connections magazine. Andy says, “To see him, just keeping up and sometimes even going ahead of the other kids and being able to enjoy life, enjoy playing, just being a normal kid has just been such a wonderful thing to see.”