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Planning for Spiritual Growth

By July 29, 2013July 16th, 2014No Comments

The goal of church ministry is to disciple people toward spiritual maturity. How is the process of spiritual growth fostered in the church? Is it possible to measure progress toward the goal of spiritual maturity?

In his years of serving as national representative of the GARBC, John Greening has engaged many pastors and church leaders in thinking about the breadth and depth of spiritual maturity as defined by Christ. He has led church leaders in realizing not only the comprehensive nature of spiritual maturity, but in assessing spiritual maturity among the church family, and in developing an educational plan for fostering spiritual growth.

Through the Regular Baptist Web Community, John is bringing this instruction and assistance online. If you have a heart for growing people toward spiritual maturity, join John for “Spiritual Formation of the Believer.” You will gain practical insight on how to move individuals in your church closer toward God and develop a culture of discipleship that strengthens your church as a whole!

Pastors, deacons, teachers, and other church leaders continue to encourage spiritual formation in your church. Register today! The “Spiritual Formation of the Believer” Learning Lab begins on Aug. 8 at 11 ET/10 CT/9 MT/8 PT, with three sessions following.