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Flash Flood Affects Filipino Church

By December 22, 2011July 16th, 2014No Comments

Sidney Capillas, pastor of Northside Harvest Baptist Church, San Jose, Calif.,  requests prayer for his home Filipino community:

“A recent flash flood went through Cagayan De Oro city where I am from, resulting in the loss of homes and lives. Please pray for Pastor Andales and the church family of Lapasan Baptist Church, located in the area and known for its vibrant evangelistic efforts to the lost and the faithful discipleship of its members.”

Filipino pastor Dimver Andales writes, “Cagayan de Oro was the worst hit when typhoon Sendong slammed ashore, sending torrents of water and mud through barangays and stripping mountains bare. Houses were swept into the sea by raging flash flood. And there was a total blackout in the whole city.  Hundreds of families were found lifeless and hundreds are still missing. Currently there were more than 400 retrieved dead bodies. Some of our members were affected by this devastating typhoon. Blissfully, none were reported dead, except for destroyed houses and material loss.”

If you would like to contribute money to Pastor Andales to assist the flood relief effort, please contact Pastor Sidney Capillas.