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End of Summer Celebration for Mission Church

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—Great Commission Baptist Church has hosted an outreach in a local Schaumburg, Ill., park to help church members make new friends and share the gospel. In preparation for the outreach the church mailed 1,000 postcards inviting participation of the households surrounding the park, also plastering 100 posters in local business and inviting personal friends and acquaintances. Volunteers from the church played games in the park with neighborhood children, handed out ice cream, showed a The Hope (a gospel film available at, and started conversations that would hopefully become what Pastor Scott Greening calls “redemptive relationships.” “We targeted a park near our Sunday meeting location but an area in which we do not have any current attendees,” says Scott, who hoped to meet people with whom he might not have natural connections. “We obtained the film in three languages (English, Spanish, and Hindi), one for each night. We also placed signs at strategic intersections nearby reminding people of the event. We asked for and received help from churches in the Chicagoland area by means of individuals with language skills committing to help on the nights focused on Spanish and Hindi.” Scott feels the event was a great success, noting the new relationships that have started. “We have already begun one Bible study with one of the contacts and are attempting to get another Bible study started,” Scott says. “We pray that our last week of the outreach will result in some more new contacts, especially within our community’s large Indian population.”