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Compete as a Youth Group

By February 22, 2012July 16th, 2014No Comments
Participating in Talents For Christ is a great way to strengthen a youth group as a whole. Here are some ideas to get the group involved:
  • Find a place for everyone. There are categories that fit every interest. For individuals just beginning to develop their areas of interest, the open categories allow them to participate without the pressure of a scholarship competition. Other teens might not feel that a competition is for them. They can still be involved! They can raise funds to help get students to the national competition, be peer reviewers who listen and critique participants, provide crew support for group competition, organize a performance night at the church, or design posters and bulletin inserts to highlight the youth group’s involvement to the rest of the church.
  • Work as a team. Hold practice days, when all the teens get together to perform for each other, either as a whole group or in smaller groups.
  • Play games. Playing games is a fun way to encourage students to think on their feet. View some suggested games.
  • Participate in outreach. Tie in a practice time with outreach activities. Have a fun evening where those competing can bring their friends to participate in the activities and listen to performances.
  • Teach Bible lessons on serving. Center the youth group’s Bible studies on how teens can serve Christ in all they do. Their service goes beyond just performing their competition pieces once or twice in front of the church. They can serve on an ongoing basis. And in the future, whatever career path they choose, whether full-time Christian work or a secular job, they can serve God!
  • Compete together. On competition day, encourage teens who are waiting to compete to listen and support other competitors. Upon your arrival at the church, pray as a youth group. Then do some fun warm-up activities.
As the cliche goes, it’s not about winning or losing; it’s about how you play the game. That is especially true for Talents For Christ. While it is always fun to win, Talents For Christ is all about creating a habit that will lead to a lifetime of serving God. As a youth group, make the habit of service a reality!