LADY LAKE, Fla.—Tri County Baptist Church celebrated its anniversary, rejoicing in God’s goodness during the 10 years of its existence. Pastor J. O. and Juanita Purcell have provided loving leadership and strong Bible teaching to grow the congregation spiritually and numerically.

As the church started in 2002, charter members coaxed the Purcells out of retirement to pastor, teach, lead, and build the church. In 2006, Associate Pastor Steve and Becky Poludniak joined the staff to assist with the growing ministry and administrative needs, as the planned project of the present church site was under way. In 2008, the church moved to its present location, ministering predominately to The Villages retirement community, and continued to grow. Two years later the church sent out 10 percent of its members to establish a church plant, Woodbridge Baptist Church, located on the opposite side of their community.

Recently Tri County Baptist commissioned and sent out it first missionary. The church anticipates paying off its mortgage within a few years and is planning to add more facility, ministries, and a staff position in the near future. The anniversary celebration was a day of rejoicing in what God has done, and an expectation of what He will yet do in days ahead.

(Photos by Peter Travers/Daily Sun, The Villages, Fla.)