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YOUTH: The Fire

By October 19, 2009June 20th, 20142 Comments

In taking a little break from our look at parents and the youth ministry, I want to pass along a video that one of my students showed me. Nate Pfeil is speaking to “church people” in this video. He wants to stress how complacent some Christians view God, His holiness, and the standards in the way in which they live their lives. Impacting stuff. Check it out:

Young people are definitely following the lead of this generation. They are comparing what we do to what we say. As Nate reminds us, we are known by our fruit.


  • Bob Leavitt says:

    Very interesting video. However, I was confused. The video started out as a salvation message or I thought; but it seemed more of a discipleship message. Is there a difference between salvation and discipleship?

  • Nat Kealen says:

    Sorry I’ve not responded sooner. I’ve been sick with a cold since last Wednesday.

    I think it’s important to keep in mind that he says this is for “church people” and he specifically avoids saying “saved people”. This video might be for people who think they are saved but in reality they are not. They don’t have any spiritual fruit in their life, which is an indicator that they may not be saved.

    He’s really upfront and possibly even confrontational about this. In many ways, it might be a call to those in the pews to take a step back and really question why they are there and then to also make it right.

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