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Daily Advent Readings: Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas

By December 1, 2016No Comments

advent-in-lineWhen Jesus came into the world, He was expected. His birth was no accident; for centuries—millennia, even—the Jewish people had been eagerly awaiting the coming of their promised Messiah. When the ancient prophets spoke out against the rampant sinfulness of their degenerate cultures and announced the impending judgment of a wrathful and holy God, they were always very careful to soften their harsh messages by injecting a note of hopefulness: Messiah is coming! And He will make all things new.

Just as the Jewish people looked forward expectantly to the Messiah’s coming, so also the Christian church has traditionally celebrated the Advent season as a period of thoughtful preparation. When we reflect each December day on the gift of God’s Son, we gain a renewed appreciation for the true meaning of the season and we prepare our hearts to celebrate His birth on Christmas Day. In that spirit and toward that end, the GARBC and Regular Baptist Press invite you to join us in celebrating Advent with the following daily readings.