Many of us will gather together with family during the Christmas season. For some, it will be a time of sharing long-awaited reunions, enjoying scrumptious food, celebrating joyful gift-giving, and engaging in warm discussions about Christ and faith. For others, it will be a time of suffering long-dreaded reunions, overindulging in food and drink (or watching others do so), enduring disappointing and spiteful gift-giving, and riding out heated arguments about Christ and faith.

If you have family members who make the holidays a difficult time, here are two helpful articles that may challenge and encourage you.

The first is “A Word about Family Tensions and the Holidays” by Russell D. Moore. The author suggests that if we have a Cousin Eddie or Aunt Flossie who cause family strife and holiday stress, we should strive for peace, honor, humility, maturity, and perspective.

The second is “Sharing Christ over Christmas” by Chris Castaldo. If we are burdened to share Christ with Cousin Eddie or Aunt Flossie during Christmas, we would do well to remember Chris’s definition of evangelism:

Evangelism is the activity in which the entire Church prayerfully and intentionally relies on God in sharing gospel love and truth, in order to bring people one step closer to Jesus Christ.

Chris reminds us that during our time with family over Christmas we may not have the opportunity to share a full gospel presentation with a “Just As I Am” invitation. However, “what we need to learn is how to gradually plant seeds of gospel truth that help people incrementally move one step closer to Christ.”

May Cousin Eddie and Aunt Flossie come to know Christ this Christmas!